O O D E . A M S T E R D A M 

"Where young design and orphaned art come together"

I LOVE this shop, I want to buy absolutely everything and fill all the walls of my tiny apartment in London. On their website they explain the idea behind the shop:

"OODE brings the work of young Dutch designers together with orphaned art – art from closed museums and art institutions. Marleen Kurvers about the concept: ” We wanted to create an awareness about our own Dutch inheritance, not only within the range of product design. As we were looking for one of a kind products, we fell in love with ‘orphaned art’.  Beautiful and interesting art pieces that are left in storage to be forgotten because of closure of museums or art centers. We give them a new life at OODE. We want to generate public and governmental awareness about the consequences that heavy budget cuts have on sectors such as cultural heritage. As supporting the young product designer is also very important to us, we wanted to bring these two worlds together, creating OODE."

You can also order online so go check it out!


Marleen Kurvers
Singel 159a
1012 VK
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photos by: Me