G R U N D T V I G S . C H U R C H 

I have visited a lot of churches in my time, but walking into Grundtvigs church my breath was instantly taken away. Located in the Bispedjerg district of Copenhagen, Grundtvigs church is is a rare example of expressionist church architecture. Due to its unusual appearance, it is one of the best known churches in the city. Its a bit of a journey out of the city center but catch the bus and its only 20 minutes away.  

The interior, inspired by Gothic architecture and comparable in size to Copenhagen cathedral, fits a congregation of 1,440. Some five million yellow bricks, a typical Danish building material, were used for the edifice. In its floor plan, the interior resembles that of a typical Gothic church with a nave, two lateral aisles and a small transept. Its proportions are also Gothic: a long, narrow nave, an extremely high ceiling, the columns which rise up to pointed arches and the ribbed groin vaults above the nave and aisles. But it is the yellow brick and the lack of ornamentation which contribute to the Gothic verticality while adhering to the minimalist modern aesthetic. Its worth reading up about the church before you go. Truly magical.

Photos by: Me