T H E . S C E N T . H O T E L . K O H . S A M U I . T H A I L A N D 

Set for our big holiday of the year we began the long journey to Koh Samui, Thailand. We were slightly apprehensive on what to expect with the usual things like weather and accommodation, but as soon as we set foot on the island we knew that the holiday was going to be something special.

Arriving at The Scent Hotel we were welcomed by cold towels and fresh passion fruit juice, exactly what we needed after the long 24-hour journey from London. The doors opened to the beautiful Frangipani that blooms in the gardens and shelters the shimmering emerald swimming pool at the heart of the hotel. The colonial-chic touches are present throughout, with cream muslin and wood deck chairs, shelves decorated with antique pots and jars with an array of succulents, vintage bikes, and lanterns strung from the trees.

There are 11 rooms, each overlooking the pool and 3 beachfront suites. The rooms are styled according to three different themes: Local, Chinese and European. The Local suites include dark timber, grey and green color palette and lanterns made from fishing nets. The Chinese suits consist of rich timbers, Chinese silks, and antique wardrobes. European suites have a slightly paler palette, elegant glass vases, and Provençal furniture.

Overlooking the beach sits Le Jaroen, with European influences the menu not only comprises of beautiful French dishes but authentic Thai. The setting is as attractive as the cuisine: linen topped tables clustered on a wooden deck.


Photos by: Me