M A K E R S . H O U S E . B U R B E R R Y 

Last year the New Craftsmen collaborated with Burberry to create a beautiful collection that celebrated craftsmanship. This year they did exactly that and more. Below Burberry describes the collection in their owns words:

“BurberryA celebration of the new collection and the iconic artist who inspired it. Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process included some of Moore’s most famous sculptures alongside his working models and maquettes. The exhibition provided an opportunity to explore the iconic British artist’s work and methods outside of the Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, home of the Henry Moore Foundation. A programme of workshops and events took place throughout the week: printmaking, textile printing, life drawing and a wax resist watercolour class – with partners including Hole & Corner, The Hepworth Wakefield and The New Craftsmen.”

Photos By: Me