L E M A N . L O C K E . L O N D O N 

Located within minutes from Spitafields and Brick Lane, Lemon Locke is a new addition to the service apartment group which focuses on a ‘Nomad” style, a community of like minded people looking for a calm oasis in the center of a bustling city. The interiors of this London hotel were designed by New York firm Grzywinski + Pons, with a palette of muted pastel tones, bespoke furniture and lighting. They created a bespoke-style hotel, which would serve for nomadic creative workers on extended stay for business or pleasure.


"Our process was driven by the search for a way to hold onto the aspirational excitement of a hotel stay while enjoying the advantages of something more akin to a home in one's adoptive city no matter how long – or short – the stay," said the firm.


I am a firm believer of “its all in the details” and this is something Leman Locke has not missed. They offer a range of goodies from T2 teas, Helmsley & Helmsley cook books, London city guides and healthy revitalizing snacks to each individual staying in the luxury contemporary space. They also have what they call the ‘Locke Labs’ which are small meeting/event spaces which you can hire with complimentary food and drink or you can even use the space to stretch out it meditate while over looking the city.


I am really excited to see what the Locke franchise has to offer in the next year with their opening of their new hotel in Edinburgh.. Watch this space!

Website: www.lockeliving.com



15 Leman St


E1 8EN


Photos By: Me