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B E R L I N . A I R B N B 

Earlier this month 2 friends and I visited Berlin, it wasn’t my first time however as I had previously worked on the refurb for Soho House Berlin back in November but didn’t really get a chance to explore the area as much as I was hoping to…apart from a couple of local antique shops and mostly the inside of the house.

After catching our ridiculously early flight from Standsted airport we finally arrived at the Airbnb, The beautiful classic apartment measuring roughly 130sqm with oak parquet flooring had stunning stucco style ceilings, the eclectic mix of furniture and fire place at the centre of the room made the apartment feel warm, welcoming and cosy. I practically liked the bohemian style kitchen, the use of green behind the kitchen counter was bold and created a real focal point to the room which also comprised of all its original cornices and detailing. I was very jealous of the Ilse Crawford dining table and matching benches, these were very popular when they came out in Ikea and I never had a chance to get my mits on one!

This Airbnb made our holiday really special and I would totally recommend anyone staying here if you are ever spending a weekend in Berlin with friends.

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Photos by: Me