W A L K I N G . T H R O U G H . P A R I S 

This weekend I was extremely lucky to be whisked away to Paris for New Years Eve. There has been so much I have wanted to explore in Paris for such a long time and I couldn’t have asked for the most perfect getaway to enjoy the last of my holiday in such a beautiful European city. Despite growing up in the countryside, I have become quite the city girl. But despite being a self-proclaimed city girl, the fast pace of London city life will always exhausts me and is something I really don't miss when I'm away from it. Paris has the perfect balance in this respect. It has all the busyness, excitement, creativity and innovation of any capital city, but the atmosphere is sleepy and slowed, and the vibe is more communal and authentic.


With only 2 nights and 3 days in the city, the inner tourist in me woke early every morning and slept late every evening. I hate the thought of missing something and love to immerse myself in the traditional culture of a new place, which in Paris, means eating, exploring and drinking lots of wine. Here are a few of my favourite Parisian discoveries.


Photos By: Me