E T T H E M . S T O C K H O L M 

The 12 bedroom luxury hotel Ett Hem is top of my list of places to visit on my trip to Sweden. Tucked away in the quiet leafy street of Stockholm this beautiful red brick house, formally a private residence built in 1910 is owned by Jeanette Mix and designed by Ilse Crawford. Crawfords approach to this design was to preserve original features and character of the heart of the house, such as the decorative ceilings and wood panelling complemented with mid-century and contemporary furniture, along with some of her own collection.

The next couple of months I shall be planning my trip for Stockholm and Copenhagen ready for April, please drop me an email if you have any suggestions of places to visit!



S E R I E S . 

1 S T D I B S . C U R R E N T . O B S E S S I O N S . 26.12.17 

1. A rare portrait plate by the French potter Robert Picault (1919-2000). A compelling ceramic work signed and dated 1950. An important addition to a collection of Mid-Century Modern French pottery.

2. A rare ceramic plate of a female nude by the French potter Robert Picault (1919-2000). Signed and dated by the artist. A compelling and significant addition to a collection of Mid-Century Modern French pottery.

In an excellent, recently published book by Sylvia Vautier, Picasso/Picault A Magical Moment in Vallauris 1948-1953, she notes that "Picault's most personal creations consisted of portraits of women and nudes painted in green or black on white enamel" and adds that the artist often used the decorators in his studio as his models. Vautier also examines the personal and professional friendship between Picault and Picasso when both were working in Vallauris.

3. Pablo Picasso ceramic plate black face - Plate J. White earthenware clay, knife engraved underglaze and engobes decoration. Executed in an edition of 100 copies. Stamped and marked 'R/Madoura Plein Feu/D'Apres Picasso'. Conceived in 1948. Literature: Alain Ramié Picasso, Catalogue of the edited ceramic words 1947-1971, Galerie Madoura, 1988, N45.



2017-12-04 11.06.jpg
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2017-12-04 CCC11.48.jpg
2017-12-04 11.48.jpg
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2017-12-04 11.4WSS8.jpg

H A F E R K A T E R . B E R L I N

Porridge & Coffee

Sunday morning we were left with hungry bellies and rather sore heads. Haferkater was the perfect cure...they specializes in traditional Scottish porridge freshly cooked all day. The menu is always based on freshly floured oats, topped with all sorts of tasty goodness and dreamy coffee, exactly what we needed! They also have a vegan option and you can mix it up and choose your own toppings. 

One to add to the brunch map!

Photos by: Me


2017-12-04 10.34.jpg
2017-12-04 10.35.jpg
2017-12-04 10.36.jpg
2017-12-04 10.37.jpg

B E R L I N . A I R B N B 

Earlier this month 2 friends and I visited Berlin, it wasn’t my first time however as I had previously worked on the refurb for Soho House Berlin back in November but didn’t really get a chance to explore the area as much as I was hoping to…apart from a couple of local antique shops and mostly the inside of the house.

After catching our ridiculously early flight from Standsted airport we finally arrived at the Airbnb, The beautiful classic apartment measuring roughly 130sqm with oak parquet flooring had stunning stucco style ceilings, the eclectic mix of furniture and fire place at the centre of the room made the apartment feel warm, welcoming and cosy. I practically liked the bohemian style kitchen, the use of green behind the kitchen counter was bold and created a real focal point to the room which also comprised of all its original cornices and detailing. I was very jealous of the Ilse Crawford dining table and matching benches, these were very popular when they came out in Ikea and I never had a chance to get my mits on one!

This Airbnb made our holiday really special and I would totally recommend anyone staying here if you are ever spending a weekend in Berlin with friends.

Airbnb details: 


Photos by: Me



B O B . & . C L O C H E . G L E N E A G L E S

Bob & Cloche, designed by Lind + Almond is located in the former gate lodge has been completely transformed into a series of elegant beauty rooms. Its bold Art Deco-inspired designs, which celebrate Gleneagles’ rich 1920s heritage and the decadent spirit of that time, echo the renovations that have seen the rest of the hotel transformed over the last 20 months. The effect is an effortlessly elegant ambiance, which pays homage to an era when dressing up for dinner and dancing the night away at Gleneagles was reserved for society’s brightest young things. Take a trip to Scotland and treat yourself at this beautiful and relaxing venue.


Photos by: Me 



T H E . A M E R I C A N . B A R . G L E N E A G L E S

Another beautiful project designed by David Collins, the American Bar is Reminiscent of the iconic bars of the 1920s and 30s, and personifying effortless elegance and glamour, it is a truly special space for intimate drinks. The details of this space is amazing, cashmere wall paper, bespoke lighting and cosy corners to try out the selection of incredible cocktails!! 


Photos by: Me



T H E . G L E N E A G L E S . H O T E L . S C O T L A N D 


The long awaited visit to Scotland finally came around and I was so excited to see the new and improved Gleneagles Hotel after it changed hands and was taken over by Ennismore. 

Surrounded by one of the worlds best golf courses, Gleneagles really doesn't disappoint. With a view over the rolling hills, lakes and acres of land for horse riding, shooting and so many country activities there isn't much time to get bored. 

My first selection of photos show the reception area, designed by David Colin's. 

By complimenting the architecture and original features David Collins studio has mixed contemporary and country accents whilst sitting comfortably next to its art deco heritage. The sage green creates a fresh atmosphere whilst keeping it cosy with mohair and velvet's. My favorite part of this room has to be the accessories, sitting proudly on the console are a trio of beautiful marble effect vases that create a real feature along with the over-sized mirror and contrasting art work.  


Photos by: Me 



A N T I Q U E . M A R K E T . S O U T H . O F . F R A N C E

Working as an Interior Designer I am always on the look out for interesting items that catch my eye, above are a few pieces that really stood out from the crowd on my recent trip to a three day event across the South of France. 

Photos by: Me



W A L K I N G . T H R O U G H . A M S T E R D AM 

I know I have said it before, but this truly is my favorite city in the world (maybe next to Copenhagen) It holds so many amazing memories and milestones of my life that it will always hold a special place in my heart. There is so much to explore and always new and exciting restaurants and markets popping up on every corner. Not only is there loads to do but there is loads to see. The city itself is just stunning, my dream of living on the canal it still staying strong... with the furture looking exciting, it may happen sooner than I thought! 

Photos by: Me



H O T E L . P U L I T Z E R . A M S T E R D A M 

During our time in Amsterdam we were recommended to check out the beautiful Janz restaurant, only to realise it was connected to a very impressive intricate maze of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses. Every corner is so detailed adjourning with artwork and accents of the original features. After a full renovation, which completed in 2016, this hidden neighbourhood now features: intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens, meeting & event spaces, a garden café, a hotel bar and a restaurant that serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes. The Pulitzer is a unique blend of up-market, traditional and modern Dutch craftsmanship hidden amongst the city’s iconic canals.

Photos by: Me


Amsterdam 08.jpg
Amsterdam 06.jpg
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Amsterdam 03.jpg
Amsterdam 02.jpg
Amsterdam 09.jpg
Amsterdam 07.jpg
Amsterdam 01.jpg

T H E . B E R R Y . A M S T E R D A M 

Setting off into Amsterdam, my favorite city of all cities, we came across a small cosy cafe called Berry, serving delicious coffees and tasty treats, all local and organic. Under the same roof is The Green House, part of a creative collective where they share a love of good design and sustainability. Located in Oud-West, the studio (described by themselves) is a little greenhouse; a concrete jungle where ideas grow from seed beneath a glass ceiling surrounded by plants. They also share their space with Strawberry Earth who aim to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious choices every day, whilst product design duo Waarmakers specialise in strategic and sustainable design.

Recommended coffee spot! 


Bilderdijkkade 27 AH

1053 VH Amsterdam


Photos by: Me





C A L L A S . H O U S E . B U D A P E S T

Callas House has recently opened 25 boutique bedrooms, beautifully design by David Collins Studio. The 19th Century Neo-Renaissance building has striking period proportions and details. The design is fundamentally monochromatic with high quality finishes including marble mosaics and brass fittings, all inspired by traditional Hungarian architecture.

It’s well worth a visit, and give yourself time for a coffee in Callas Brasserie downstairs which echo’s the bedrooms elegant design, on a grander scale.



I N S P I R A T I O N . O F . T H E . W E E K 

S T U D I O . O L I V E R . G U S T A V

The last few weeks I have been obsessing over Studio Oliver Gustav's work, his studio, showroom and boutique in central Copenhagen where he carefully curates limited edition pieces from international designers and artists.

Set on a monochrome backdrop, Gustav’s peaceful interiors make striking use of light and shadow, drawing attention to the surface and all its unique pieces of art.



T H E . S C E N T . H O T E L . K O H . S A M U I . T H A I L A N D 

Set for our big holiday of the year we began the long journey to Koh Samui, Thailand. We were slightly apprehensive on what to expect with the usual things like weather and accommodation, but as soon as we set foot on the island we knew that the holiday was going to be something special.

Arriving at The Scent Hotel we were welcomed by cold towels and fresh passion fruit juice, exactly what we needed after the long 24-hour journey from London. The doors opened to the beautiful Frangipani that blooms in the gardens and shelters the shimmering emerald swimming pool at the heart of the hotel. The colonial-chic touches are present throughout, with cream muslin and wood deck chairs, shelves decorated with antique pots and jars with an array of succulents, vintage bikes, and lanterns strung from the trees.

There are 11 rooms, each overlooking the pool and 3 beachfront suites. The rooms are styled according to three different themes: Local, Chinese and European. The Local suites include dark timber, grey and green color palette and lanterns made from fishing nets. The Chinese suits consist of rich timbers, Chinese silks, and antique wardrobes. European suites have a slightly paler palette, elegant glass vases, and Provençal furniture.

Overlooking the beach sits Le Jaroen, with European influences the menu not only comprises of beautiful French dishes but authentic Thai. The setting is as attractive as the cuisine: linen topped tables clustered on a wooden deck.


Photos by: Me


T H E . R O B E Y . C H I C A G O 

The Robey Hotel stands proudly in an Art Deco building formerly known as the Northwest Tower. At 203 ft tall, the Northwest Tower was originally built as an office building but was recently transformed by Belgian design duo Nicolas Schuybroek Architects and Marc Merckx Interiors. Both firms renowned for a contemporary, minimal aesthetic, The Robey has a unique, clean and sophisticated style.

The rooms are well proportioned, clean and bright with complimentary Le Labo products in the bathroom, a great brand partner for a trendy hotel.

The f&b experience spans from a coffee shop next door and The Robey Cafe on the ground floor. There is a great lounge with private meeting rooms for locals and guests to work from, and a rooftop which wasn't open when I visited, but I'll be sure to check it out on my next trip to Chicago!



2018 W North Ave


IL 60647


Photos by: Me



K I L N . S O H O

Last week I popped round the corner to my new local restaurant Kiln. Following in the footsteps of its hugely popular sister restaurant Smoking Goat on Denmark Street, Kiln does not disappoint.

The timber shop front and black simplistic façade is effortless, lined with a touch of greenery to soften the brushed steel bar front. Inside the area is relatively small but the shoulder-to-shoulder seating makes full use of the space with a basement level for larger bookings of 4 or more. At the back of the restaurant the kitchen is fully open which creates a great atmosphere and fully immerses you in dinning experience.

To begin with we enjoyed some small starter plates, including charcoal-grilled aged lamb and cumin skewers alongside smoked sausage with turmeric, a perfect spicy starter followed by a glass of white wine. They recommend you order 5 or 6 plates to share for mains, which was the perfect amount for the two of us. The food was exceptional; each dish complimented with an array of spices combining Thai, Burmese and Chinese to create a distinct flavor combination.

Kiln only except walk-ins so be sure to turn up early if you have plans!



58 Brewer Street